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Articles and essays by Richard Middleton

All articles © Copyright 1999-2003 by Richard Middleton. All rights reserved.
All articles originally published in Victory Review.

Richard Middleton is a musician, songwriter, producer, educator, and writer based in Seattle.
His music writing has appeared in Smithsonian magazine, Victory Review, and SingOut! magazine.
He is the author of "Rhythm Guitar Secrets" (Countersine).

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2/03 "Home Recording: Some Thoughts on Microphones"
1/03 "Beyond Roots: Using Slash Chords"
12/02 "Modes Revisited, and Revised"
10/02 "Playing from the Inside Out" (Improvisation)
9/02 "Playing New Musical Roles"
7/02 "Sight-Reading Tips (Part 2)"
6/02 "Sight-Reading Tips (Part 1)"
5/02 "Inside Major Scale Modes" (Part 2)
4/02 "Inside Major Scale Modes" (Part 1)
2/02 "Form and Freedom" (Songwriting)
1/02 "Songwriting Games"
12/01 "Pass It On" (Mentoring Others)
11/01 "Minimizing the Risk of Hearing Loss"
10/01 "New Views on Groove"
9/01 "Theory and Songwriting"
8/01 "Harmony For One: Overtone Singing"
6/01 "A Musical Approach to Equalization"
5/01 "Inventing Musical Instruments"
4/01 "Beginning Approaches to Improvisation"
3/01 "Dummy Lyrics and Phonetic Songwriting"
2/01 "Digital Recording for the Musician: An Overview"
12/00 "A Triad By Any Other Name..." (Theory)
11/00 "The Melody Game Revisited" (Ear Training)
10/00 "Books to Open Your Ears & Mind"
9/00 "Facing the Demon"
7/00 "Songwriting in Reverse"
6/00 "The Heart of the Matter" (Spirit in Performance)
5/00 "Kids' Music Lessons: Thoughts for Parents"
4/00 "Understanding Chord Names & Symbols" (Part 3)
3/00 "Understanding Chord Names & Symbols" (Part 2)
2/00 "Understanding Chord Names & Symbols" (Part 1)
1/00 "Tricks for Singing Intervals"
12/99 "Guitar as Drum" (Rhythm Guitar)
11/99 "Playing Silence"
10/99 "Helpful Books & Techniques for Songwriters"
9/99 "Form as a Songwriting Tool"
8/99 "Beginning Harmony (Part 4)
7/99 "Beginning Harmony" (Part 3)
6/99 "Beginning Harmony" (Part 2)
5/99 "Beginning Harmony" (Part 1)
4/99 "Practice Approaches" (#2)
3/99 "Practice Approaches" (#1)
2/99 "Rhythm Strumming for Guitar"
1/99 "The Melody Game" (Ear Training Exercise)