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Inside Music:
Articles and essays by Richard Middleton

This archive contains articles from my column, "Inside Music," which appeared 1999-2003 in Victory Review, a monthly magazine devoted to acoustic music published by Victory Music.

The "Inside Music" articles are an outgrowth of my teaching work, and are designed to provide inspiration and "how-to" information for musicians and songwriters.

They cover a wide variety of musical topics: workshop/how-to articles on theory, ear-training, rhythm, and other "technical" subjects; information and ideas for songwriters; and philosophical musings related to music, performance, and creativity in general.

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All articles © Copyright 1999-2003 Richard Middleton. All rights reserved.
If you have questions or comments, or are interested in excerpting, reprinting, or republishing any of these materials, please contact me.

Richard Middleton is a musician, songwriter, producer, educator, and writer based in Seattle. His music writing has appeared in Smithsonian magazine, Victory Review, and SingOut! magazine. He is the author of "Rhythm Guitar Secrets" (Countersine).

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